Editorial / Thematic Change Underway...

The site is currently undergoing a bit of tidying up. The video catalog will be sorted out, some old additions will be deleted, a few new guys will be added.

There will be some editorial changes. When we (a smattering of e-pals from the internet) started this site as a tribute to our favorite (and most underappreicated) pickers, our passion for fingerstyle guitar burned pretty bright. These days, while we all still have a huge love for the craft, we've all mostly moved on. We're sorting out who should handle what, from now on. 

No, the site is not "for sale". Finding the right person to step up into an editorial role is tricky since has always been 100% volunteer managed, 100% non-profit and 100% ad free, not to mention we like to keep things humorous, light hearted and fun. Those kind of people, for whatever reason, are awfully uncommon in the fingerstyle guitar world. At least ones who can write worth a damn. 

FG was always conceived to be less of an interactive thing, more as a fixed digital monument to really good fingerstyle guitar players. In this regard, we've absolutely achieved our basic objective. The site broke stride a bit when we incorporated interviews some years back but it was worthwhile. Google seems to really like us for any search that involves an artists's name + the word "interview"... and come hell or high water, one day, we'll get that damn Leo Kottke interview. 

While we remain open to emails and suggestions for new artists to be added (and nothing is written in stone), we will be mostly retiring the artist submission process in 2017. I don't think there's anything new being done here. It's mostly just derivative pantomimes of the same stuff. I'm pretty confident the video library offers enough exposure to enough different things in the fingerstyle idiom that anyone interested can spend an evening looking through it and leave pretty well informed. Adding yet another guy pattern-picking a random, altered tuning chord shape or drumming on his guitar can be covered by other, upstart fingerstyle guitar websites. 

From time to time, there will be new interviews with great players. For the most part, though, this site has achieved what it set out to achieve 5 years ago.  That's where we're at.

We have arrived at 'meh'. 

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