Nine Unanswered Questions: Kaki King Interview


We had originally set up an interview with Kaki King but for some bizarre and totally unexplained reason, her press agent fell off the face of the earth and stopped responding to us a week before publication, thus presenting us with a perfect opportunity to use her interview space as a platform to post the one thing that makes everyone glad; leaping animals photographed in midair.

We present nine unanswered questions with Kaki King: Jumping Animals Edition


Hi Kaki. We are huge fans. Thanks for taking the time for a quick interview. 

Your bio notes that your early musical roots were in percussion. A number of great guitarists have talked about the critical importance that rhythmic ideas had on their guitar playing. For example, Pat Metheny saying a great guitar player should always "think like the drummer" or someone like Tommy Emmanuel who said that he is really a drummer who happens to play guitar. Can you expand on how you approach a writing a solo guitar piece and what role rhythmic and/or percussive ideas play in your own compositional process? 



In recent years, your groove has changed quite a bit. Talk about where your musical ideas are today compared to say 10 years ago?

What bores you?


You've been incorporating some very great multimedia aspects into your shows (ie- The Neck is a Bridge to the Body). Do you envision this sort of multi-dimensional dynamic to become a mainstay or is it more experimental/contemporary?


Five albums. What are they?


If you're to be remembered as an artist for one single thing, who/what/when would it be?


Ordinarily we have a "Thou Shalt Not Drone On About Gear" policy in our interviews but as hardcore Ovation lovers, we are obliged to ask you about your current gear and if anything plans to change going forward, now that there have been major changes at the Ovation brand?



If you could cut one track with any artist past or present, who would it be?


Any tour dates, shout-outs, riffs or (Fill-In-The-Blank)'s you'd like to mention?

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