Our Tommy Emmanuel Video Interview

You can't bullshit sincerity. 

You can fake your way through pretty much everything else but sincerity is just one of those things that's either there or it isn't. You know it when you see it, you know it when you don't and try though some folks may, sincerity can't really be simulated for effect. 

In the company of famous people, sincerity can be a rare element. There are probably valid reasons for this; exceptionalism and notoriety certainly bears a unique set of pressures. Defensive insincerity is just part and parcel of being famous, the life they have. Hang around the conversation enough, you'll spot it. 

Then, there's Tommy Emmanuel. Quite a few things strike you when you meet Tommy. He comes off as a guy who, in his 50+ years on the planet has commanded a pretty firm grip on the reins of his life. His actual guitar playing and musicianship goes without saying. He throws off enough energy that if it could somehow be converted to solar would probably power Peoria through the winter. 

The biggie, though, is that the guy is completely sincere. Through the hours and days and months and years upon years of travel and touring and rehearsals and venue setup and the show and the encore and the oohs and the aahs and everything else, here he is afterward adjusting the truss rod on a fans guitar in Lithuania.

He's the dude who, if the comet ever hits the reset button on planet earth, you hope his are the genetics that somehow make it through and become the basis for Humanity 2.0. 

He's a sincerely nice guy... who also plays the guitar. 

Interview Here:


Interview by Lon Morgan @ Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, 2013,

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA.  

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