A Tour of the Old Guild Guitar Factory

One of the best parts about being a 100% non profit website is that we're obliged to nobody but ourselves and can endorse whoever we please for whatever reasons we choose (and just to be abundantly clear, Guild doesn't even know we're publishing this, so no conspiracy theories, please.)

Shout-out to our soul brothers at Premier Guitar for making this fantastic 35 minute video of the Guild US factory in New Hartford.

Their old Jazz boxes/hollow-body electrics are legendary, yet still probably the most under-appreciated vintage instruments left out there (although in recent years, their prices have started to catch up...). On the acoustic front, the fact you can still buy a vintage Westerly D-Something for 1/2 of what you'd pay for generally the same thing in a Martin or Gibson- even though relative quality and performance levels are comparable (some would argue that Guilds top them both)- goes to show that there are still deals to be had for people who are paying attention.

We live in an era where "American Made" is now most closely associated with 'boutique', so there's just no way around the fact that new US Guilds aren't priced at entry level points. Still, at the end of the day, based on the units we've handled, Guild USA is making instruments right now that are truly exceptional (which is essentially saying that they're making guitars that live up to the standards they themselves have already set with instruments made in years past) and could very much be any pickers #1.

So, there. We said it. We're out of the closet as unapologetic Guild fanboys of the highest order and prefer any given Guild to any given (other brand), pretty much 100% of the time.

Check out that video. Mega cool stuff on there.

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