In addition to the artist links below each entry on the mainpage, here are a few other places you might want to check out. If you have any suggestions for good, relevant fingerstyle guitar related links, please let us know

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Top quality Portuguese/English translation services who has been so helpful with this site.

There's a reason it's the first link in our list. Go there. You can thank us later.

Relaly nice, rich-content fingerstyle site.

I imagine when the internet was invented, it was sites like that the inventors had in mind. Compendium of information on luthiery and other 'guitar stuff'.

The most criminally underappreciated channel on Youtube

Another one. Brilliant content, video interviews of a range of artists, mostly rock/metal oriented. Definitely check this out.

These seem to be the two guitar theft databases that everyone uses. If you have one stolen, of if you're buying, start here.

Very well executed, social-networking'ish site for Fingerstyle players, with lots of great, informative, original content. Our site takes a static approach, however, if you're looking for something more interactive, look here first.

So much of our roots and origins as fingerstylists can be traced back to Classical. Whether you started there and arrived at fingerstyle, started at fingerstyle and arrived at classical or just play both, is the right place to discuss this discipline.

We always will be a non-profit enterprise so just to be clear, we get no compensation for this link. We saw this guys awesome youtube channel and absolutely love the idea of a small businessman making a boutique product that's hugely superior to anything else on the market- then using his handi-cam to record dropping concrete blocks on it or throwing it out of moving cars doing 50 mph. His cases are geared towards servicing the market for premier/irreplacable instruments. If you have an Olson Acoustic or a Stradavarius and need a lightweight case for it that will probably withstand a thermonuclear explosion, here ya go.

The Chetboard. Center-of-the-universe for interactive fingerstyle discussions with top practicioners.

Folklib Fingerstyle Artists entry. Way "Information Superhighway" old-school in construct, but delivers good info, worth visiting.


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