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What is this site?

There seems to be a knowledge-gap in the minds of the public, as far as what constitutes "really good guitar playing". We're striving to help remedy that by offering a carefully edited content channel, dedicated to cataloging videos of premier fingerstyle guitar talent, past or present, in addition to exclusive inverviews with the artists. Our basic objective is to keep the site as simple, clean and uncluttered as possible. Our goal is to be in service to these amazing artists, who are so very under-appreciated in an increasingly 'autotuned' world of insincere, commercial music product.

Also, it's probably worth mentioning that we want our interviews and articles to be fun and light hearted. We hope to occasionally ask questions that you might not expect. We're unapologeticaly silly so please don't expect everything to be 'serious business', all the time.

Can I advertise my product or pay for inclusion in the video catalog?


I am a performer (or, I know of a great performer). How can I get a video on this site?

2017 Update: For the most part, we're retiring the artist submission process. If you are (or know of) someone who is a real talent outlier, go ahead and send an email with a link to a performance but at this point, the site showcases what we intended it to showcase and chances are, there's already someone showcased who represents 'that' pretty well. 

First, DON'T BE BASHFUL! We love submissions!

Upload your relevant, original content to youtube and drop us a line with a link. We read 100% of all emails, watch 100% of all links. Please keep in mind- the objective of this site is to feature only the top fingerstyle guitar performers, so the bar for showcasing is quite high. 

With that said, we absolutely believe in undiscovered talent and would be honored to feature otherwise 'unknown' or local performers, irrespective of their broader 'industry recognition'. Also, there's no doubt that we're still overlooking some 'obvious' additions, so if you can think of any top fingerstyle artists that we missed, please let us know. Submission instructions are towards the bottom of this page.

What are the criterias for showcasing on

Be a fingerstyle guitarist, have video content of original works you've composed and be very good.  While showcasing on is somewhat exclusive in nature, we strive to be wholly inclusive of any creative fingerstyle guitar artists who are playing great original stuff. There is no way to articulate or quantify this dynamic; it's something you know when you hear it. When we hear it, we include it. The decision to showcase is not a relative, formulaic matter and there are exceptional cases that arise. Playing John Fahey songs and being John Fahey warrant different considerations.

The "C" Factor

We give substantial preference to showcasing creative artists and in particular, people performing their own original, technically complex compositions. While not all performances featured on are of performers playing the songs they've written, the act of creation and a demonstrable capacity to create original music is valued very heavily and considered accordingly. To be sure, everyone featured on has written great music of their own.

In order to keep the aesthetic of the site where we want it to be, we will primarily focus on showcasing creative artists, as opposed to technically skilled performers who do not compose original works.

Stylistic Considerations

The site was originally conceived with Atkins/Travis style acoustic guitar players in mind, but has since evolved to be more inclusive, with creativity and top quality playing being the only bedrock principles, while trying to remain 'fingerestyle' oriented, (with a few exceptions).

We've started selectively adding a few Classical guitarists to the video collective, as well as premier fingerstyle guitarists from every musical genre (Jazz, Rock, Country, Bluegrass, etc). This is an ongoing thing, so stay tuned.

How To Submit Videos To Be Featured on

Send over links of youtube uploads showing your original fingerstyle compositions to We will check them out and if your performances fit in with the objectives of the site, we will most definitely look deeper into your youtube channel and be in touch.

How To Remove Content From

Whenever we feature an artist, we make every effort to contact that person and let them know. Since we only feature public-domain content, we sometimes run across great performers and wind up showcasing artists who we cannot contact or who we do contact, but don't hear back from. While it hasn't happened yet, if for whatever reason your content has been showcased but you don't wish to be, no problem. Just send us an email (listed above) and we will remove the entry in good faith, no questions asked.

Legal Stuff:

All original text content on this site is copyrighted. It may be non-commercially redistributed (in partial format) on the internet as long as source attribution is given to Explicit written permission is required for commercial redistribuition or redistribution via any means other than the internet.

17 USC § 107 is affirmed under non-profit and educational auspicies. Copyright removal requests are happily honored. Send an email to (at) gmail (dot) com with "Copyright Removal Request" in the title with a link to the video and your qualified status as copyright holder or designated rep.